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International Education Partners-Azerbaijan — Countries


IE Partners were first invited to participate in the design of the second phase of the Azerbaijan Education Sector Development Project by the World Bank during 2007. The first phase was concerned, among other things, with the development of a new child centred and activity based curriculum framework. IE Partners were required to support the curriculum development and syllabus components plus the textbook and school library development component.

In July 2009 IE Partners (Tony Read) was asked to participate in the mid-term review of the project and to concentrate in particular on the curriculum, textbooks and school library components. Overall, the curriculum and textbook components were progressing reasonably satisfactorily so that the 2009 mission concentrated solely on the library sub-component. This sub-component intends to establish 500 experimental school libraries, of which ten will be model school libraries. Among other activities, IEP produced a detailed school library implementation plan, a revised school library policy document, three teacher training curriculums to support the development of school librarianship based on a 60 hour in-service school librarianship training model, a 20 hour training module for teachers in using school libraries and developing library information skills and a five hour orientation model for school directors in order to create the right environment for the new curriculum and the development of school library services. In addition relevant school library target indicators and stock profiles and a sample school library stock profile activity on the role and functions of the ten model school libraries were also produced.

The need for professional author and publisher training in the development and design of new textbooks in support of new curriculum and syllabuses was also discussed as were issues relating to the development of literacy in the Azerbaijani language.

Finally IEP provided guidance and support to the development of national school competitions for (a) lesson plans; (b) school originated learning and teaching materials; and© multi-level assessment questions.