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International Education Partners-Burundi — Countries


Faced with abnormal textbook attrition rates and low textbook life spans, the Government of Burundi used its Education SWAP in 2009 to hire a consultant to build capacity in the field of textbook management and usage. Assisted by Marcienne Umubyeyi, Vincent Bontoux assessed and reviewed the textbook chain with a view to enabling a better use of instructional materials by learners through improved management systems and community awareness. After a Bujumbura and field-based research, he developed a textbook management manual, and delivered the first stage of a cascade training scheme. Asked by the PIU to broaden the initial scope of his consultancy, he then identified the main stumbling blocks of the Burundian textbook provison system, proposed leads for a future streamlined textbook procurement system in Burundi and presented them to the relevant stakeholders.

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