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International Education Partners-Djibouti — Countries


In 2004 and 2005, IE Partners carried out a comprehensive survey of the book chain in Djibouti. Out of the various scenarios which were proposed to improve instructional material design, production and distribution, the Ministry of Education chose to upgrade their current Curriculum Development Centre into a full blown Instructional Materials Publishing Unit (IMPU). The consultants’ recommendations (authorship and distribution strategies, future structure and status of the IMPU, profile of instructional materials, access strategies for primary and middle schools – including a textbook revolving fund for middle school instructional materials – textbook management and storage) have formed the basis of the country’s current book policy. The first primary textbooks produced along the lines of the reform proposed by IE Partners were produced in October 2006.

In 2006, Vincent Bontoux and two of IE Partners’ freelance consultants were contracted by the OPEC Fund to provide support to Centre de Recherche, d’Information et de Production de l’Education Nationale (CRIPEN) in the fields of manuscript development, print bidding and instructional materials storage.

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