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International Education Partners-Kenya — Countries


In 2004, Vincent Bontoux, Amanda Buchan, David Foster and Andy Smart were all involved in a major DFID contract to assist the Ministry of Education and Science in developing a national system for the provision of instructional materials to primary schools, including new and reformed evaluation and approval systems for textbooks, teacher guides and supplementary materials (which were also used for secondary schools). The consultancy input also helped the Ministry of Education to write a series of management documents for use in schools and district education offices, helped plan and manage the training of schools in the new school-based procurement systems, and monitored the introduction of the system in schools. This system was extended nationally with the introduction of Free Primary Education in 2003 and is being continued under the Kenya Education Sector Support Programme (KESSP), 2005-2010.

IE Partners has been working with the Ministry of Education and the World Bank since December 2007 on the design of management systems to provide direct funding to schools to support the provision of Free Day Secondary Education (FDSE) in Kenya.

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