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International Education Partners-Madagascar — Countries


In 2008, IEP was selected by the Malagasy government under the FTI programme to draft alternative scenarios to improve effectiveness and/or efficiency of the textbook sector. The MoE required that careful attention be brought to costs, to the potential for public-private sector partnerships (including for capacity building) and to the development of the Malagasy publishing industry. Vincent Bontoux provided the MoE with an analytic review of current textbook policies, strategies and capacity and presented options for their improvement (grades 1-7). He also assessed the capacity of the Curriculum Development Centre and related Directorates involved in textbook provision (planning, procurement, regional and district education offices); he suggested specific measures for capacity building, covering human resource development, equipment, training and procedures. He developed an an implementation plan and a detailed procedures manual for bidding, based on the choices made by the Ministry. The draft report of findings, technical options and recommendations was presented at a series of seminars to key stakeholders (including donor partners in the education sector) for inputs and comments.

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